‘Mint’ Season 3 with Adam Levy Debuts Today Featuring 18 Web3 Disrupters

Founder and Host Adam Levy kicks off season three of Mint podcast featuring 18 episodes from the top minds and early adopters of social tokens, NFTs and DAOs.

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Los Angeles, CA — October 5, 2021 —  Adam Levy today announces the release of Mint Season 3, a leading audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs, to name a few. Check out episode one by visiting https://adamlevy.io/mint-season-3/.

Those who register for season 3 will have the opportunity to claim an exclusive Mint POAP proving one’s participation in this month’s series. As Mint’s community develops, claimed POAPs will unlock future perks and provide access to unique content, proposal votes, and more. Get yours now by submitting your email at https://adamlevy.io/mint-season-3/.

Today’s premiere of season three includes 18 exclusive episodes consisting of 1-on-1 interviews from top web3 creators, investors, and founders, all collectively tinkering with cryptography to help make their creator economy a reality. Available to enjoy across all video and audio streaming platforms, the podcast answers the most frequent questions creators and communities have when tinkering with web3 technology.

“Season 3 welcomes some of the brightest people building in web3 and I’m so excited to be sharing their stories across 18+ hours of content,” said Mint Founder and host Adam Levy. “I’m hoping that future creators and web3 communities leverage their stories when kickstarting their own path into the crazy world of crypto.”

Having recently managed Operations for the blockchain fund Draper Goren Holm, Adam has helped incubate and accelerate over 15 leading crypto and blockchain startups like LunarCRUSH, Totle, PrimeDAO, and CasperLabs, to name a few, while producing mass community events like LA Blockchain Summit and Blockchain & Booze. Now, he’s helping onboard creators and their communities into web3 with Mint.

From modern fan clubs where the people own the artist to multi-million dollar communities surfacing overnight, this season welcomes the best stories emerging out of web3. Hear the untold journeys from 18 notable creators, founders, and thought leaders who are tinkering with web3 primitives to make their creator economy a reality.

Season three’s guests include:

Tyler Hobbs | Visual artist from Austin, Texas who works primarily with algorithms, plotters, and paint. His artwork is recently known for the iconic Fidenza series, which focuses on computational aesthetics.

Devin Finzer | Co-founder and CEO of OpenSea — a peer-to-peer marketplace for blockchain-based digital collectibles.

Santiago R. Santos | Owner of Punk #9159 🤖. 

Joyce Yang | Creator of Global Coin Research, a content platform that primarily focuses on Asia Cryptocurrency. 

Dennison Bertram |  Founder of Tally, providing tools for decentralized decision making and governance for distributed ledger ecosystems.

RAZ | Founder of Social oracle & token utility toolkit Agora Space DAO.

FVCKRENDER | The futuristic, self-taught, tech-digital artist working out of Montreal.

Brett Shear | Co-Founder and partner of Palm Tree Crew Crypto, investing in the decentralized creator economy.

LATASHÁ |  LATASHÁ is an artist and holistic entrepreneur who connects fans with their highest, most powerful selves through music, film, and performance art.

Oliver Bell | CEO and Founder of XCAD Network, a content creator tokenization platform

where you can earn and trade your favorite creators tokens.

Marek Olszewski |  A partner at cLabs, one of the companies working on Celo, a mobile-first permissionless platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

Andy Chorlian | Founder of Fractional.Art, a platform where you can own fragments of the world’s most sought-after NFTs.

Avery Akkineni | An Ex-Googler with a passion for digital marketing; currently leading VaynerNFT, a venture created to help the world’s leading intellectual property owners navigate the wild and wonderful world of NFTs.

Lorens Huculak | Co-Founder of Genie where you can buy, sell, and trade across all NFT and token markets instantly.

Alex Zhang | Mayor of FWB (Friends With Benefits), a collective of unique individuals pushing for a bright future.

Seth Goldstein | Founding member of Bright Moments, the Venice-based NFT Gallery DAO that opened its physical doors in May 2021.

Patricio Worthalter | Founder of Proof of Attendance Protocol, an ecosystem of applications for the preservation of memories using NFTs as digital records.

James Young | Founder of Abridged, who provides tools that empower developers to build an intuitive Web3 experience into familiar interfaces.

Season three sponsors include Coinvise, POAP (aka Proof of Attendance Protocol), and Socialstack who are supporting Mint by collecting the show’s three non-transferable NFTs. The NFT grants each sponsor a shared vote into proposals, ideas, and future updates being implemented into Mint’s ecosystem as well as certain promotions across the entire season.

Submit your email to receive all 18 episodes for free by visiting https://adamlevy.io/mint-season-3/.

About Mint

Mint with Adam Levy is a new audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs, to name a few. Each month, a new season rolls out with ten to fifteen untold journeys from notable creators, web3 founders, and thought leaders, who are tinkering with social money to make their creator economy a reality.
Learn more by visiting https://adamlevy.io/mint.

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