Present: Mint

I interview entrepreneurs, creators and collectors building the web3 creator economy. You can learn more here.

Past: Blockchain & Booze

While I was working at Draper Goren Holm, I started a weekly virtual meet-up where I’d interview a guest every Tuesday evening in front of a live audience over a drink. Here are a few of my favorite sessions!

  1. Mark Cuban on DOGE, Bitcoin, NFTs, DeFi and more
  2. Layer 2 Solutions, Gas Fees & Scalability with Stani Kulechoiv of AAVE, Antonio Juliano of dYdX and Jack O’Holleran of SKALE Network
  3. 2021 DeFi Trends from Synthetix, 1inch Exchange, Balancer and CasperLabs
  4. Blockchain-Based Social Networks
  5. How To Accumulate Bitcoin with Fold App CEO Will Reeves
  6. Building an NFT Empire with Roham Gharegozlou
  7. Fireside with the Miami’s Mayor Suarez
  8. NFTs and Gaming with Polyient Games, Splinterlands, and Gala Games
  9. State of Enterprise Blockchain with IBM, BitGo, CasperLabs and IPwe
  10. Crypto Tax Workshop with Taxbit
  11. Discover the Metaverse with WhaleShark, FVCKRENDER, GREG MIKE
  12. Metrics Used To Determine A+ DeFi Projects
  13. Discovering Helium Network with CEO Amir Haleem
  14. Social Tokens & The Creator Economy
  15. How NFTs are Taking Over The Music Industry with Cooper Turnly and DJ 3LAU
  16. Blockchain Interoperability with Polkadot
  17. DeFi Meets NFTs with Charged Particles
  18. The Role of Media in Crypto
  19. All things Pertaining to DAOs
  20. Solana Blockchain Deep Dive with Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko and DJ BLOND:ISH
  21. Here’s How Creator DAOs Will Revolutionize the Creator Economy
  22. The Fundamentals of a Fair Launch
  23. What’s in Store for Ethereum 2.0
  24. Bitcoin’s Quiet Bull Run Explained with Bill Barhydt of ABRA and Jon Farjo of LunarCRUSH
  25. DeFi’s Future with $MEME, DeFi Pulse, AAVE, CasperLabs
  26. This Small Business Dedicated It’s Entire Cash Reserves To Bitcoin
  27. Venture Investing and Generating Value Beyond The Check
  28. Building Blockchain-Based Games with Bling, Polyent Games, Dapper Labs Cryptostach
  29. Blockchain’s Role in Real Estate with Propy, ConsenSys and more