Inspiring Sustainable Practices through Music: Blond:ish’s Bioplastic Vinyl Compilation

Blond:ish shares her journey and passion for web3 technology in Mint Season 7. This inspiring conversation covers her innovative bioplastic vinyl, Plastic-Free Party, and upcoming drop.

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Mint Season 7 Episode 26 welcomes Blond:ish, an artist passionate about web3 technology and creating a more equitable and inclusive world, she joined me today to share her journey and current focus. The episode covers her upcoming drop on, her innovative bioplastic vinyl, and the 14-track Plastic-Free Party. Blond:ish emphasizes the importance of taking time off and shares her multifaceted interests, including her crypto fund Indigo Investment Partners. Overall, this fun conversation showcases how one person can use their talents and resources to make a positive impact on the world.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:02 – Blond:ish’s Background And Journey Into Web3
  • 04:11 – Blond:ish’s Current Focus
  • 04:43 – Blond:ish’s Upcoming Drop On
  • 06:09 – Innovating The Bioplastic Vinyl
  • 08:20 – Making Plastic-Free Vinyl
  • 09:32 – Launching The Drop And Scaling
  • 10:45 – No Trade-Offs Between Bioplastic And Traditional Vinyl
  • 13:56 – The Plastic-Free Party
  • 15:28 – Messages Conveyed In The 14-Track Compilation
  • 16:55 – Blond:ish’s Vacation And The Importance Of Taking Time Off
  • 18:53 – Indigo Investment Partners
  • 23:20 – Blond:ish’s Multifaceted Interests
  • 27:36 – Blond:ish’s Sound Drop Details
  • 28:42 – Outro

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We are back with another episode here with me today. We have the one and only Blond:ish. Welcome to the Mint podcast. Thank you for being on.

Blond:ish: Ah, thank you for having me. Always. I miss you, Adam.

I miss you too. At some point, we’re gonna have to do this in real life, but until then, this is the next best thing, and I’ll take it. I’m really happy about it. The last time we did an episode, I’m trying to think, it was a minute ago. It was, um, well, we had Draper going home. We were doing blockchain and Boo that’s what it was.

Blond:ish: It was with Anatoly, the Solana guy. Right,

Blond:ish’s Background And Journey Into Web3

Right. The Solana guy. Anatoly. Yeah. Funny enough, I had him on recently too, so we’re doing a bunch of re recaps and bring him back to our roots. So I’m here for it. Blond:ish, I’m really excited to have you on. You have a drop coming up on sound. Um, you’re doing a lot of cool stuff in web three. You have the ish token, you have your feet in so many different things beyond just being this really great dj. So I think a good place to start, Blond:ish for those who aren’t familiar, sort of, uh, with your Web three journey, give us a quick background on how’d you get your start into Web three and what that process has been like for you.

Blond:ish: Yeah, sure. I mean, it’s a constant journey, like for all of us. But basically, I, I mean, I got into Web three because I’m, I’m actually a computer science major and I never really got to use that degree all at all. Like, I was building computers when I was 13 years old. Um, and basically when, you know, I’m a dj, I’ve been to music for a while, and when Web three kind of came about, I was, I felt like marrying those two really like encompasses all my goals and everything I wanna do with life and where I wanna, what my beliefs are, my ethos and where I wanna take, take my life, but also, you know, take my community with we go together to happy, happy world. And I, I felt like Web three was that kind of outlet for, it was a part of a piece of the puzzle, you know what I mean? Because we live in this system and I never, you know, the system of, of life, um, governmental structures, the pharmaceuticals, the food system and, and you know, the capitalism, all that kind of stuff. And I personally never felt, uh, it didn’t really fit in. You know, there’s a lot of nos and a lot of like, it feels like a video game of, so I never really fit in there. So Web three was the next best thing. And I don’t think we’re gonna stop at Web three. I mean, you know, we have, uh, what’s his face? The Twitter guy, my friend Jack, the ER guy? No, no, no. Jack, no, no. Before, before the ex. Jack Dorsey. He’s, he is talking Web five. I actually, I saw him in Costa Rica and I’m all about Web 69. Okay. Oh,

let’s go

Blond:ish: Yeah. So Wave

Line, it fourth’s Web 69.

Blond:ish: It’s, it’s the, the, you know, web three taken over by VCs Web five, that’s not a numerical special number. You know, 360 9 math frequency, Tesla numbers. That’s, those are magic numbers. Okay. So that’s where, where Web 69 comes in, because that’s when we just, we get it right. You know what I mean? Yeah.

All right. All right.

Blond:ish: Yeah. Nothing is serious there and everything works. Everything works out how you want it to. I’ll take it. Basically the, the what we wanted web three to be

Web what we, web, we wanted web three to be Web 69. We

Blond:ish: Always did.

We always did. It was always supposed to be that way. But beyond that, Bondish, I didn’t know you have a degree in computer science. I didn’t know you studied computer science.

Blond:ish: I did.

I You tinkered with computers as a kid? I had no idea.

Blond:ish: Yeah, I mean, uh, there’s like, guess there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me. I listen, I, I have a lot of passions. Okay. I’m a super nerd, so I go deep down rabbit holes, uh, and then I’ll go down another rabbit hole. So I’ll know a lot about something for a period of time, and then I’ll totally like leave it beside and go, go on to the next thing. Cuz I’m, I’m a visionary, or at least, I mean, I guess self-proclaimed visionary, but I love to, to think about what’s, what’s next and how it can benefit and impact humans on a, on, you know, with my music. Like how music and can benefit humans in a positive way.

Blond:ish’s Current Focus

So on the, on the primitive of like being a self-work visionary, always having these grandiose ideas, what’s keeping your mind busy as of now?

Blond:ish: Uh, right now is, uh, it, it’s constantly how can I marry my I r L life with my web three life? Like, how, how do we do that? So I’m always thinking about different activations.

Okay. And, you know, and I guess that that brings us to where we are today then this, this new activation in light of your drop tomorrow on sound.

Blond:ish: Yeah, exactly. I mean, that’s been a long time in the making. We’ve been working on that innovation for like four years. Um, do you wanna tell them about it or? I I’ll tell

Blond:ish’s Upcoming Drop On

Them about it. I want you to, I want you to break it. I want you to break the news because I read a little bit of the brief and I’m a, I’m a big NFT collector, but I never gotten into really the, the world of collecting vinyls. And I think what you’re doing of sort of mixing both worlds together is super unique. And I think you should sort of like break the news and, and, and take it away.

Blond:ish: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I could’ve, I could’ve dropped this normally not through an NFT. Um, but it’s just, it’s not interesting. I’m not connected to the, the holders as, you know, we, we all know why we use NFTs, right? So, so basically, uh, together with sound, it’ll be my second drop. And instead of just releasing, uh, you know, ano another music, NFT whi, which is also great and has its value, but I want to take a step further. And we’ve been wor we’ve been innovating this, uh, this mat new material for vinyl. So everyone knows vinyls made out of fossil fuels petrochemicals, uh, it’s a plastic vinyl, right? And I have a foundation called Bioplastic, and we remove single-use plastics from the music industry. Um, so the number one thing, you know, that we hear in conversation when I’m talking to people around the world is they hear you have a foundation there, but like, they’re like, but what about CDJs and vinyl? Because they’re both made out of plastic, right? I was like, guys, like, I’m just talking about single use plastic. It’s a big enough job already, but I would love to come up with a plastic free vinyl. Like, and then we just had that, you know, wow. Like that eureka moment, like it was just a dream, you know, we never thought it was possible. But then we started learning about materials and how nature mi loves to mimic, uh, and make any material that you can, you know, give to it. So basically there’s a lot of different plastics. I don’t know if you know, there’s like P E T P L A and now if we take it a step further, we met these guys evolution music. Okay. Okay. We’re introduced by Soul Clap, uh, other artists in the industry. And these guys are also super passionate about making the music industry more sustainable. So we came together with them and they were already making a, a pla vinyl, uh, which is a bioplastic. Okay. Keep it simple. But then we were like, bro, what if, so basically PLA is compostable. I’m not gonna get too nerdy. Okay. But it’s hard.

Innovating The Bioplastic Vinyl

It’s Hard. I know, but I wanna, I want see the nerdy side of you. I wanna, I want to hear it because I know there’s like a bacteria element to actually building these non-plastic finals, right? And I’m thinking to myself like, how is that even a thing?

Blond:ish: Yeah. So PLA is compostable, but only by industrial composters, and the waste management system isn’t really that great. So the bot doesn’t usually get to an industrial compostor. Okay. So it just gets lost in the waste and the garbage. So that doesn’t really help us. So we’re like, guys, can you like try developing, uh, p h a, which is a bad p h a’s bacteria based, uh, vinyl. And they were like, well, we can try. So we did and uh, we figured it out. And then the hard part was to figure out the sound cuz you know, you have to get the sound quality to, to sound like the plastic counterpart, but we figured out as well,

How do you do that? How’d you figure that out?

Making Plastic-Free Vinyl

Blond:ish: A lot of testing. I mean, evolu, listen, I’m, I wasn’t in the plant doing it, but we were just like, we were helping with the r and d on the r and d side. Yeah. You know, so they, they were just in the pressing plant. The, you know, they have different molds and they keep going through the molds until it, it sounds right. And you use a lot of frequency generators. You hook it up to a computer and you test the frequencies as the vinyls playing off the pressing machine. So, okay. Number one, uh, I’ll, I’ll, uh, I’ll get to the, like, the point of this whole story. So number one, we figured out how to make a plastic free vinyl. Okay. Correct. P h a number two is like, okay, how do we actually make this, get this mass adopted versus just become a souvenir or a novelty item? Right. Which most fi items as NFTs are, they’re, they’re kind of, so far, they’re kind of just material items. Right. But these vitals can actually be, um, used existing pressing plants and pressing machinery. So we don’t have to build new machines. We can use the old clunky vinyl machines that everyone’s using to press, to press vinyl. So we’re, we’re Gucci.


Blond:ish: So now we’re, now we’re at the next step is first we’re gonna launch this drop so that the world knows about this new material and you can own a piece of it, um, or own one of the first ones, and then we’re gonna figure out how to scale the thing.

Launching The Drop And Scaling

Okay. I love it. Do things that aren’t scalable just to see where they’re at in the interest with the greater community. I think it’s a, I can, I can resonate with that. And I think hearing your entire story from the dream of like making this a reality to now seeing it and its inception and now being it pegged and, and kind of like introduced alongside, it’s a 14, it’s a 14 part track, right? 14 track compilation, uh, introducing this new plastic and this new innovation. I think it’s very, it’s very ambitious. It’s very, it’s very cool. And it feels very, you like first and foremost, you know, and most importantly, and I’m curious, how are there, are there any trade offs between like this material and the original vinyl material in terms of the quality of the music or what you can do with it? Or is it just, it’s much better for the environment and so we should just be transition transitioning to this by default? Like, I’m trying to think, are there any tra trade offs between using one version or another version? Any, any that you know of?

Blond:ish: Not that I know of, no. Nope.

Okay. So

No Trade-Offs Between Bioplastic And Traditional Vinyl

Blond:ish: It’s just, but we might discover some along the way, but I mean, other than it’s the same size, it’s the same weight. It has the, you know, uh, the sound we figured out and it’s compostable, you know, in, in nature. So, Hmm. I don’t trade off. I mean, I’m, you’re not gonna be storing your vinyl in 55 degree weather. Like, I don’t even know what it breaks down at  yet.

Got it. Got it. So walk me through then the, this 14 track compilation, because what are the, what are the overlaps between this, this new track compilation to this new innovation? Like, are there any sort of like, synergies that you can sort of think about that they compliment each other, that bring more awareness to this, this new type of biodegradable plastic? Like I’m trying to understand the overlap between the music and this new innovation that you’re so, you’re so passionate about.

Blond:ish: Yeah, sure. So, uh, basically Byebye plastic, I’m my co-founder. They curated this whole thing with, uh, art named Shamor and Shamor, um, went out to all the different, uh, DJs that are on the Echo Rider, which is a program we have in bioplastic where, you know, we help you, um, become plastic free. So it’s all basically DJs that care about the environment and wanna make a difference. So we invited them to collaborate on the album and it’s basically just a bunch of, uh, producers and DJs that also care about the environment. So it’s this sub-community of people in the music industry that care about the environment. And that’s kind of how Web three is. So now with the collectors, now we can all overlap together and become this bigger unit, you know what I mean? Because we’re all, you know, we all want, we have it all, all have the same goals.

Yeah, that makes sense. I’m also trying to think Blond:ish, like how can biodegradable vinyl inspire individuals in other industries to sort of embrace more sustainable practices and products? Like anything come to mind around that?

Blond:ish: I mean, one, just, just realizing that a dream can exist these days. Okay. So to innovate it, it exists. Um, to also look in your industry, each industry has a bye-bye plastic. You know, people that care about making that industry potentially more sustainable and hold will hold your hand through that process. Um, so it’s about re it’s usually just about reaching out to them because honestly it’s a full-time job, more than a full-time job. It’s, it’s not so easy as just replacing a product. There’s so much more logistics and stuff to think about. Um, so on that respect, it’s just good to get someone to hold your hands because you’ll get, gain a lot of knowledge much quicker. And you will, you’ll have time, you know, because this stuff takes a bit of time and they’ve done the legwork.

The Plastic-Free Party

Can you walk me through more the inspiration behind life is and the opening song from the Plastic Free Party? Cuz that’s what this, this big grandiose project is called, right?

Blond:ish: Yeah. It’s, it’s all about the plastic re party. Um, but yeah, I mean, I was in, um, I created this track actually of my inspir. I was inspired by my trip to Antarctica last March. I don’t know if you guys ever been to Antarctica, but like, it’s like,

Wait, I think I saw something on your story about that.

Blond:ish: Yeah, I mean, I went with a bunch of friends. I got invited, this was their crazy idea to go to Antarctica. And then they had like eight different friends also inviting, you can invite a few friends. So we all went to Antarctica last, uh, march, and we jumped in the, in the sea at minus, it was like minus 0.5 degrees Celsius. Wow. I don’t know that in Fahrenheit. That’s around 32. A little less than 32 Fahrenheit. We all jumped in. Anyway, it was a life changing. Mark Weinstein was on that trip. Um, but that was what inspired life is because you’re away from humans. It’s just you and nature and no nothing between you. And that just brings you back into yourself, right? Like right away, you know, and you got solid foundation and everything’s just super clear. And that, that was the basis of creating that track that will be in the NFT tomorrow.

Messages Conveyed In The 14-Track Compilation

So when, when people listen to this track and they listen across all the, the 14 different tracks in, in the compilation, are there any messages you hope people sort of take away? Any, any themes or messages conveyed that you hope resonate with people?

Blond:ish: That anything is possible? Honestly. Like what? Just like when you think about making change as you, as one person, it does, it seems impossible, but the power of community, and I’m in web three, we know what community means and how controversial it is, but the power of humanity and the way people connect and community when it, when you start taking baby steps and then it starts to get bigger, and then it turns into a movement and then it turns into change like that is that, is that, is the fuel what this compilation needs to, to get across, or I want it to get across.

How long did it take you to produce this 14 track compilation?

Blond:ish: Well, I actually didn’t produce it. I mean, the, I produced the track, but Shamor and, and Camille and got it. Everyone from Bye brought it together. Got it. Wow. It wa it wasn’t, it wasn’t, yeah, it wasn’t long. You just accept demos and you take what you like and then there you go. You got it.

Yeah. Another thing I’m noticing is, last time we had this call, you were in a completely different environment with a completely different background. So I can’t help but ask where are you in the world right now?

Blond:ish: I’m in London. Ooh. We, um, yeah, I’m here. Uh, I had a, I was just in like Switzerland and France. Um, I had a little tour there, but Listen, wait, wait, wait. Before I get into London, before London I took actual vacation. I took a vacation. Two weeks vacation.

Blond:ish’s Vacation And The Importance Of Taking Time Off


Blond:ish: Yeah. That, that exists. We take them. Okay. I haven’t taken one in years. Okay. I’ve taken like a bit of time off here and there, but like, this was a real vacation. Okay. Doubled up as a few things, because first of all, I had no phone for two weeks. Hmm. I locked, I locked away my phone and I respected it. So that was the, the single most best thing I did for myself. And that you, whoever’s listening can also do for yourself. And if you can’t take two weeks off of your phone, if you can take a day or half a day or, you know, respect not bringing your phone into the bed at night or, you know, all that kind of stuff. Like, it’s, it’s a life changer. Mm-hmm. Life changer. But I was at this resort in Thailand, it’s called Chivas Sam.


Blond:ish: They have hundreds of treatments. Okay. So you go there, you pick a kinda a program, you know, and they have like physio and like tons of massages, but also energy work and tai chi and like, like basically you just, you can come out a new person. So that’s what I did. I’m still feeling super fresh. Wow. And now we’re back in London in the grind. My crypto partners are here. Indigo Fund, I have an event, a cadabra. Uh, you know, we’re just, I’m cross pollinating all these amazing, all these amazing worlds through music

Really quick. When you’re on vacation, do you have your equipment with you and you’re still like shooting the shit? DJing, like for your own personal? Not none of that.

Blond:ish: No. I, I forgot who I was for two weeks. Wow. I, I did not hear Blond:ish. Like, I was, like, I had no, no gluten, no caffeine, no alcohol, no dairy, uh, and no Blond:ish for two weeks. Wow.

Indigo Investment Partners

Wow. Yeah. Okay. So we’re in London. You mentioned something about, you said Indigo Investment Partners, right? That’s the first time I’ve heard. I’ve heard that. What is that?

Blond:ish: Oh, um, like right before Luna collapsed last year.


Blond:ish: Uh, we started a fund, uh, with my F three partners. And the way that kind of happened was, uh, you know, like during C O V I lived in Miami.


Blond:ish: And, uh, you know, we, we lived with one of my friends, he’s a, he’s a hedge fund guy. And you know, we had dinner together every single day for like six months because of quarantine. So, you know, you need, you, you talk about stuff and all I talked about, all me and Liana, my girlfriend were talking about was crypto. Like, cuz we’re so deep into it again. And he was just talking about stocks and I was like, yawning. And then so, and crypto was moving, right? So he, like, he started investing a little bit and then more and more and then off of our, all our alphas, he, like, he made a lot of money and at one point he was like, girls like, you need to start a fund.


Blond:ish: I swear he is like, I’m gonna give you my fir the your first 5 million and you’re gonna start a fund. And then, uh, we were like, no, no way. No what not, not a chance. We’re not, we’re not doing it because for instance, I’m, I’m a, I’m a dj Okay. Kathy, the other day, I’m a dj, I’m an artist. I’m traveling around. I, I’m not back office, you know? Right. Taking care of LPs other than like, on a cultural communication level, I mean, . So I was like, there’s no way we’re gonna do this. And Leanna, my girlfriend, she’s, you know, she, she does events, she organizes events, but she’s a boss. So at that same time, I met my two other part who are now my partners, Thomas and Nate. And they’re from traditional kind of finance, but they moved to crypto in 2017. So they, you know, they set up the first regulated, uh, crypto desks here in the uk, regulated ones. So they, they know the, they’re all a part of all the brokerages. They, they know what’s up. Hmm. So we were like, we had the same vision, now were gonna start an asset management. We, we had the money to start a fund, but we didn’t wanna start it  and, and apparently the alpha. So we came together and we partnered and they’re here based here in London. So Nate does all the investment strategies. I mean, we work on it together, but he does investment strategies and Thomas is our ceo. He’s very personable and, uh, Leanna’s also part of the team. And, uh, wow. Yeah, I mean, we’re a liquid token fund.

Blond:ish’s Multifaceted Interests

Okay. So it’s all publicly traded tokens. You don’t do like private investments, like equity to startups, for example.

Blond:ish: Like, we have done a couple SPVs on the side, but the VC part of our fund, we’re gonna, we’re gonna launch that. It’s not the time right now.

Okay. Okay. Fair, fair. So yeah. Now that, now that we’re at a bear market, how do you think about investing? How do you think about like, like I feel like you, you, your mind is, is divided across multiple things, yet you’re able to excel on all of them in parallel because you’re still creating music and that’s irrespective of the bear market, but you still have such a strong crypto presence and the swings of the bear market have, like, they have to be affecting you in some way. And now that you have this fun, I’m thinking like, wow, like are you trying to, are you trying to like arbitrage? Like are you betting against, are you doing options? Like, what are you doing? Like what

Blond:ish: No, no, we don’t do options.

You know, like, I’m trying to think like how do you, how do you balance everything?

Blond:ish: Okay. So I know a little bit about a lot of things, but all these things are very important pieces. Like I was saying this at the beginning, they’re all very important pieces of the puzzle to get to democratizing, you know, I, I wanna change, I wanna change the financial system. I, I mean, I wanna be a part of it. I don’t know if I can actually do it myself, but, you know, I, I, the, the fund is to have more financial inclusion. That, that’s the goal of the whole thing. You know, I love it. And we have a lot of context to institu institutions. Right. And we’re, we’re just there, speaking the good word, to really make them understand what the future is, you know, um, through web three. And like, cuz they just don’t understand, they don’t care. So we’re kind of here to, to again, hold their hand and just holding everyone’s hand basically.

Now that we’ve, we’ve had this conversation, we’re like 25 minutes into it, hearing about your background, hearing about all your interests, trying to understand better the way you think and the way you approach your life. I can’t help but wonder, and I keep going back to this original statement, like, you had, you were a computer science major and then you went into DJing, but you’re also super passionate about sustainability and environmental impact. But you have such a deep interest in crypto and NFTs and, and you, you invest like, you’re so multifaceted. I’m trying to think like, how do all these interests tie together into, into who you are? Like what is, what is the end goal here for you?

Blond:ish: Uh, for me or for everyone?

You tell me.

Blond:ish: It’s happy, happy world, and happy, happy world is a place of freedom, abundance, and happiness. It’s really just like, I, I meditate a lot. Okay. Okay. I really, I do pragma, I do tai chi, I medi like I, me, I work with energy. I’m all about energy. And since I’ve been going deeper and deeper into that, you just, I, I feel like I’m on a different highway than most of the world. Like most of the world is really suffering and not happy and, you know, nine to five, barely making it. And I always ask myself the question like, we, why are we in this position? Like, we don’t have to be like, why when I go to the grocery store, I I can’t trust any of the food in the grocery store. Why? Totally. It’s not fair that, um, the normal, the things that are normalized that are given to us in this system is actually all shit. It’s all bad for us. So why do we have to live in a world like this? And why can’t I kind of help create a new system where we don’t have to live like that? So everything I do is in my, I’m hoping that it brings us one step closer to happy, happy world, which is just the opposite of this system that we live in, where we have to suffer so much, you know? Hmm. Music is the nucleus of all of that. It’s the nucleus, it’s the accelerator, it’s, it’s my, it’s what I use as fuel and connector to all these different projects.

Why do you, why do you think music is a nucleus of all that?

Blond:ish: Because it’s where I’ve, well, two reasons.


Blond:ish: That’s where I’ve built trust with my community. Real authentic trust. Because it’s, it’s real as it gets, you know, when I’m playing music and, and people on the other side or around me, they feel that energy that is a, a instant connection. Ex instant loyalty, instant understanding we have between each other. It’s real. So that’s one reason. Number two, we all, we all are music, we’re all resonant frequency. Okay? Hmm. You know, no, in no words in the English language, are you gonna be able to tell, like, make you feel what music does. So just understanding that we’re all, yeah, just understanding that we’re all resonant frequency. Every single cell in your, your body is resonating a frequency. So I just, you know, it’s a big round off to call it music, but let’s just do it. And for that reason, we’re just little music beings. So why not? That’s the nucleus.

Blond:ish’s Sound Drop Details

Why not? Why not? I think part of this nucleus, nucleus is the sound drop that’s happening, um, tomorrow. So as in today. Cause it’s gonna be dropping the day that the drop goes live this episode. So I’m excited for you Blond:ish really excited for everything that you’re doing. Uh, major props to the plastic free party and the, the, the biodegradable vinyls. Like, it’s very exciting to see that out in the wild. And I’m really, I’m really curious to see where that could go in the future. So before we, we end this call and we, before we end this episode, tell me about this drop. Like what are the details of the sound drop? What should people know? What, what, what are the details?

Blond:ish: Yeah, sure. So it’s dropping tomorrow, 8:00 PM Central European time, two o’clock eastern, 11 Pacific. And all you gotta, I mean, you go to, I mean, we’ll do a Twitter spaces, I’ll do a Twitter spaces when the drop goes live tomorrow on my with sound and with Dave, um, on my Twitter. And what do you need to know? I mean, it’s a, it’s a open edition.


Blond:ish: And, uh, the Golden Egg Gets Golden Egg, which is, there’s one copy you’ll, you’ll get some mish tokens and some Byebye tokens. And the first whoever’s in the pre-sale, I’m gonna gonna sign a copy of that. And uh, actually I might be giving away the actual, the actual test press, which is the first ever p h a test press to, you know, one of them will be rare one there. So there’s a lot, there’s a lot to look forward to there. Okay. Yeah. All


Right. Well I’m excited. Thank you for, for coming on. Thanks for sharing more of the story. Um, we’ll have to do this again soon. But until then, good luck on the drop. Good luck on all these initiatives and, uh, talk soon.

Blond:ish: Love you, long time Adam.

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