Introducing Mint Season 7: Create Content Worth Collecting

This season's theme is "Creating Content Worth Collecting," and features 20 conversations with innovators at the forefront of web3.
This season's theme is "Creating Content Worth Collecting," and features 20 conversations with innovators at the forefront of web3.

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Los Angeles, CA — January 5, 2023 — Mint, the popular podcast series hosted by creator and entrepreneur Adam Levy, is excited to announce the release of Season 7. This season’s core theme is “Creating Content Worth Collecting,” and features 20 conversations with innovators at the forefront of web3. Over the next three months, listeners will hear from a variety of creators, collectors, and founders as they discuss their strategies for producing collectible content.

Levy said, “As a creator, I’ve always been fascinated by the question of what makes certain content truly valuable and shareable. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what motivates people to collect and how to create content that speaks to them on a deeper level. That’s why I decided to dedicate 20 episodes of my podcast to the theme of creating content worth collecting.”

He continued, “This topic is timely and relevant to Mint’s audience, and I’m excited to bring in a diverse group of guests to share their insights and experiences. I hope that by exploring this topic in-depth, we can help our listeners understand more about what makes content valuable and how to create content that resonates with their audience to the extent where they want to collect it.”

The Season will explore various forms of tokenized media like music NFTs, podcast NFTs, writing NFTs, film NFTs, video NFTs, and crypto art, and answer questions like: 

  1. What does it take to create content worth collecting?
  2. What are the links between viral distribution and onchain monetization via collection?
  3. How can content creators use tokenized media and NFTs to increase value and strengthen relationships with their audience?
  4. How will DeFi and tokenized media intersect and develop in the future?
  5. What are the main challenges for crypto-native content creators and tokenized media projects and how will they be addressed?
  6. How will decentralization change content creation and consumption in the web3 world?
  7. Will traditional media adapt to or be replaced by decentralized organizations in the web3 landscape?
  8. What challenges and opportunities will the web3 media industry face as it grows and how can they be addressed?
  9. How will the user experience of web3 media differ from traditional web media and how will this affect content consumption?

Season 7 Lineup

  • Farokh | Founder of Rug Radio.
  • Robin Schmidt | Founder of BasedAF.
  • Zack Guzman | Host of Coinage Media.
  • Alice Ma | Co-Founder of Mad Realties.
  • Jacob Horne | Co-Founder of Zora Protocol.
  • Chase Chapman | Host of the OthersidePod.
  • Diana Chen | Host of Rehash Podcast.
  • Aidan Musnitzky | Founder of Spinamp.
  • Christina Beltramini | Head of Growth at The AaveCompanies (Lens Protocol).
  • 0xLucas | Head of Web3 at Bankless.
  • Gami | Founder of Gnars DAO.
  • Peter Saputo | Music NFT Artist.
  • Roberto Nickson | Founder of Metav3rse.
  • Pplpleasr | Legendary, crypto-native digital artist.
  • TK the Legend | Music NFT Artist.
  • BlockchainBrett | Partner at Palm Tree Crew.
  • John Crain | Founder of SuperRare.
  • Sam Sends | Co-Founder of Glass Protocol.
  • RŌHKI | Web3-native music collective.
  • Colin Armstrong | Founder of Paragraph.

Season 7 wouldn’t be here without its two sponsors Lens Protocol and Bello, which collected the podcast’s soulbound NFTs, unlocking promotional perks throughout the season.

Mint Podcast, which has a monthly audience of over 50,000 web3 creators and collectors, is available on all video and audio streaming platforms, as well as new social apps built on Lens Protocol, such as Lenstube and Lenster.

To receive all 20 episodes of Season 7 for free, RSVP by visiting

About Mint

Reaching over 50,000 web3 creators and collectors per month, Mint Podcast, hosted by Adam Levy, is a leading audio and video series exploring the web3 creator economy.

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About Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol is an open-source tech stack for building decentralized social networking services. The protocol was developed by the Aave Companies and launched on Polygon in May of 2022. Through Lens, web3 developers can build decentralized social media applications and marketplaces that leverage NFT technology to form a fully composable, user-owned social graph where the connections and interactions between people are owned by individual users and creators rather than established networks. 

Stay up to date with Lens Protocol by following @LensProtocol on Lens 🌿

About Bello

Bello is the no-code blockchain analytics tool that empowers creators with actionable insights about their collectors in one simple search. Unlike other analytics platforms that benefit SQL-experienced users or professional NFT traders, Bello is a haven for non-technical users in a world where blockchain data is hard to fetch and understand. With no-code insights at the foundation of Bello’s pursuit, we help creators learn more about their collectors in a friendly and intuitive manner.
Learn more about your collectors today by visiting

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