Season 2 of ‘Mint’ with Adam Levy Debuts Today Featuring 16 Web3 Creators

Founder and Host Adam Levy kicks off season two of Mint podcast featuring 15 episodes from the top minds of social tokens, NFTs and DAOs.

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Los Angeles, CA — August 12, 2021 —  Adam Levy today announces the release of Mint Season 2, a leading audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs, to name a few. Enjoy all 15 episodes in season two now for free by visiting

Those who register for season 2 will have the opportunity to claim an exclusive Mint POAP proving one’s participation in this month’s series. As Mint’s community develops, claimed POAPs will unlock future perks and provide access to unique content, proposal votes, and more. Get yours now by submitting your email at

Today’s premiere of season two includes 15 exclusive episodes consisting of 1-on-1 interviews from top web3 creators, investors, and founders, all collectively tinkering with cryptography to help make their creator economy a reality. Available to enjoy across all video and audio streaming platforms, the podcast answers the most frequent questions creators and communities have when tinkering with web3 technology.

“Season 2 welcomes some of the brightest people building in web3 and I’m so excited to be sharing their stories across 15+ hours of content,” said Mint Founder and host Adam Levy. “I’m hoping that future creators and web3 communities leverage their stories when kickstarting their own path into the crazy world of crypto.”

Having recently managed Operations for the blockchain fund Draper Goren Holm, Adam has helped incubate and accelerate over 15 leading crypto and blockchain startups like LunarCRUSH, Totle, PrimeDAO, and CasperLabs, to name a few, while producing mass community events like LA Blockchain Summit and Blockchain & Booze. Now, he’s helping onboard creators and their communities into web3 by sharing their stories through Mint.

From modern fan clubs where the people own the artist to multi-million dollar communities surfacing overnight, this season welcomes the best stories emerging out of web3. Hear the untold journeys from 16 notable creators, web3 founders, and thought leaders who are tinkering with social money to make their creator economy a reality.

Season two’s guests include:

Don Diablo: An industry-defining NFT artist, Dutch DJ, record producer, musician, and songwriter of electronic dance music who is known for his electronic style of production and vocalizing in most of his songs. He led a multi-industry career ranking sixth in the 2020’s top 100 DJs by DJ Mag, as well as amassed millions of dollars in sales for his crypto-inspired fine art.  

Andrew Berkowitz, Founder and CEO of Socialtack: He’s building a protocol to power mission-driven social token economies on the blockchain. Socialstack is on a mission to build community, culture, and infrastructure for leaders who are driven by true impact to build new economic systems based on gratitude and abundance.

Jess Sloss, Instigator at Seed Club: He’s building an incubator for the crypto space helping creators and communities launch and grow successful social tokens. Previously he was the co-founder at Blimp, a collaboration space for real estate professionals and led Community for Protos Asset Management, a leading provider of systematic crypto and Defi exposure.

Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO at AAVE: He’s building the widely successful, open source and non-custodial liquidity market protocol that earns anyone interest on deposits and borrowed assets. Stani was studying law at the University of Helsinki when he first got into Ethereum and he started exploring how it could impact the traditional financial system.

Jeff Kauffman Jr., Founder of Parachute: He’s building a social token-driven consultancy firm focused on web3 solutions for brands and agencies. Jeff has made it his responsibility to provide entry level social token exposure to many mainstream executives via the community’s currency, $JUMP. 

Wuki, Dj and Founder of $WUKI: Wuki is the genre-blending solo project of Denver-based producer Kris Barman. Influenced by the sounds of Detroit ghettotech and Chicago footwork scenes, Barman’s ability to seamlessly mix booty, breaks, electro, and house into hard-hitting club-shakers has become a trademark of the Wuki sound. Furthermore, he’s reimagining what it means to build a community around his music through his social token, $WUKI. 

Josh Katz, Founder and CEO of YellowHeart: The blockchain expert went from fetching tuna sandwiches for Clive Davis to designing NFTs for bands like Kings of Leon. More recently, he’s pushing out one of the first mainstream creator DAOs for the American pop rock band Maroon 5

Maria Shen, Partner at Electric Capital: Maria is NFT obsessed. Currently, she’s a partner on the investment team at Electric Capital. Prior to Electric, Maria was CTO and co-founder of a startup that helped SMBs easily create their supply chains with manufacturers around the world. Prior to that, she worked on search technology at Microsoft, with her features shipped to more than 1 billion devices.

Andy Artz, Partner at Social Capital: He’s on a mission to advance humanity by solving the world’s hardest problems by investing capital across early stage startups to transformational public companies. He’s also a major proponent of the decentralized social media platform BitClout following his own creator coin $ARTZ.

Pet3rpan, Investor at 1kx: He’s a DAO and NFT thought-leader whose work is widely known across the early stage token investment firm 1kx. He’s also a Community organiser and summoner at MetaCartel, as well as the Co-founder & blood mage at MetaCartel Ventures. 

Carlos Gomes, Founder of ForeFront: He’s the Founder of Forefront, contributor at MintFund and Seed Club. He works as a software developer at the crypto exchange Huobi, is the founder of social token website ForeFront and even launched his own social token called $SWAGG.

Neil Harbisson and Pol Lombarte, Cyborg Artists: Cyborg-artist Neil Harbisson was born color blind but he can ‘feel’ and ‘hear’ colors, thanks to a WiFi-enabled bone-conduction antenna that is permanently implanted into his skull. Together, Neil and Pol experimented with a new state of where the buyer can directly send colors into Harbisson’s head, and on the flip side, Lombarte sold ‘access’ to his heartbeat as an NFT where the buyer can alter his heart beat from afar.

Jonathan Dunlap, Founder and CEO at MintGate: He’s building tools through MintGate for creators to experiment with token-gated content via NFT access passes and generate secret links for events, videos, music, websites, and blogs, to name a few. 

Reuben Bramanathan, General Partner at IDEO CoLab: He’s an expert on all things crypto law, product management, fund management, and more. Having worked at Coinbase from 2015 to 2017, Reuben has seen the industry evolve at a rate in which many don’t have purview. Now, he’s helping build a platform for collaborative impact where him and his team connect organizations to shape technology’s impact on the world.

Erikan Obotetukudo, Founder and Managing Partner at Audacity Fund: She’s investing in Black/African led crypto startups targeting trillion $ markets worldwide, while focusing on the importance of how NFTs will change Africa forever. 

Season two sponsors include Coinvise, POAP (aka Proof of Attendance Protocol), Socialstack, Celo, and PrimeDAO who are supporting Mint by collecting the show’s five non-transferable NFTs. The NFT grants each sponsor a shared vote into proposals, ideas, and future updates being implemented into Mint’s ecosystem as well as certain promotions across 15 episodes. 

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About Mint

Mint with Adam Levy is a new audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs, to name a few. Each month, a new season rolls out with ten to fifteen untold journeys from notable creators, web3 founders, and thought leaders, who are tinkering with social money to make their creator economy a reality.

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