Season 1 of ‘Mint’ with Adam Levy Debuts Today Featuring Stories From 11 Web3 Creators

Founder and Host Adam Levy kicks off season one of his newest podcast featuring 11 episodes from the top minds and early adopters of social tokens, NFTs and DAOs.

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Los Angeles, CA — July 8, 2021 —  Adam Levy today announces the release of Mint, a new audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs, to name a few.

Enjoy all 11 episodes in season one now on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Watch season 1’s trailer

Today’s premiere of season one includes 11 exclusive episodes consisting of 1-on-1 interviews from top web3 creators, investors, and founders, all collectively tinkering with cryptography to help make their creator economy a reality. Available to enjoy across all video and audio streaming platforms, the podcast answers the most frequent questions creators and communities have when tinkering with web3 technology.

“I’m so excited to be releasing 15+ hours of web3-inspired content from some of the top minds in the space,” said Mint Founder and host Adam Levy.” Mint serves as the ultimate guide for future creators and communities who are looking for ways to infuse the power of crypto into their ecosystems.”

Having recently managed Operations for the blockchain fund Draper Goren Holm, Adam has helped incubate and accelerate over 15 leading crypto and blockchain startups like LunarCRUSH, Totle, PrimeDAO, and CasperLabs, to name a few, while producing mass community events like LA Blockchain Summit and Blockchain & Booze. Now, he’s helping onboard creators and their communities into web3 by sharing their stories through Mint.

From modern fan clubs where the people own the artist to multi-million dollar communities surfacing overnight, this season welcomes the best stories emerging out of web3. Hear from 11 untold journeys by notable creators, web3 founders, and thought leaders who are tinkering with social money to make their creator economy a reality.

The inaugural season’s guests include:

S1E1 // $ALLIE – Allie Macpherson and Mason Geyser: A popular gaming duo making headwinds across YouTube and Twitch where Allie primarily streams card games like Hearthstone & MTGA. Mason Geysir is the backend behind $ALLIE coin and helps manage the day-to-day or Allie’s brand and all that community entails.

S1E2 // $PSTL – JVCKJ: Jack Johnson, whose artist name is JVCKJ, is widely known as one half of the multi-platinum pop duo Jack & Jack. He’s a creative force who earned a billion-plus streams, multi-platinum records, and countless sold-out tours.

S1E3 // Jenil Thakker of Coinvise: An entrepreneur and hacker, he’s building a decentralized social network on Ethereum through Coinvise and empowering creators with tools to build their creator economy. 

S1E4 // $BOO – Bomani X: A Black guitarist, singer-songwriter, and celebrity digital strategist who has worked with Jill Scott, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Wyclef, and more. He’s also the founder of Lit.Spins and was selected as Clubhouses’ icon for the longest time.

S1E5 // $1337 – WhaleShark: A social entrepreneur and investor with a focus on disrupting the status quo, whose work is known for the wildly successful $WHALE community, and now E1337.

S1E6 // $JOW – Jeremiah Owyang: An advisor to, an active angel investor, and is well recognized by both the tech industry and the media for his grounded approach to deriving insights through rigorous research.

S1E7 // $FIRST – Harrison First: An American songwriter and producer. He works producing for other artists, as well as his own solo works, with his own independent label JNRY FIRST. He is one of Ängie’s best friends and a frequent collaborator.

S1E8 // Cooper Turley of Audius: He’s actively shaping the Creator Economy through projects like Audius, Friends with Benefits and PleasrDAO. He advises Variant as an operator and investor and works with teams on token launches and governance through Fire Eyes DAO.

S1E9 // $CRIME – Matt MacDonald: He’s the lead vocalist and guitarist for The Classic Crime – a rock band formed in Seattle, Washington in 2004. After leaving a record label in 2011, TCC pioneered the use of crowdfunding and other middle-men bypassing tools, continuing to make music, content and community experiences for supporters a decade later.

S1E10 // $SHANK – Peter Shankman: An American entrepreneur who’s best known for founding HARO, an online service for journalists to gather feedback from the public. His fight for creating more positive awareness around ADHD has led him down the rabbit hole of monetizing his community via $SHANK coin.

S1E11 // $PLAY – Dave Young: A serial entrepreneur and an indie game developer with over 15 years of experience. Using game tech combined with complex full-stack backends, Dave has founded and created teams to build complex products, like ScreenBlazer, Magnus Rush, and Announcr.

Season 1 sponsors include Coinvise and POAP (aka Proof of Attendance Protocol) who are supporting Mint by collecting the show’s first, 1-of-1 non-transferable NFT fractionalized into thirds and distributed accordingly. The NFT grants each sponsor a shared vote into proposals, ideas, and future updates being implemented into Mint’s ecosystem. 

Jenil Thakker, CEO and Founder of Coinvise added, “We’re a social network where you can discover tokenized creators and communities, earn social tokens for contributing to them and build your own open economy on Ethereum & Polygon – so when we heard about Mint, it was a no brainer collaboration as our values aligned.”

“At POAP, we’re thrilled to be sponsoring the first season of what’s going to become the referential show for the creator economy,” Patricio Worthalter, Founder of POAP, added. “After 3 years of running an NFT dapp, it feels great to finally see the ecosystem moving forward to global-scale adoption.”

Watch all 11 episodes in season one now for free by visiting

About Mint

Mint with Adam Levy is a new audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using web3 primitives like social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs, to name a few. Each month, a new season rolls out with ten to fifteen untold journeys from notable creators, web3 founders, and thought leaders, who are tinkering with social money to make their creator economy a reality.

Learn more by visiting

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